A World-renowned leader in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance. He has his own Clinic in Boston MA and produces great blogs and video seminars

A top, well recognised Physiotherapist throughout the UK, a shoulder specialist.

The Sports Physio (Adam Meakins)

I get a lot of patients asking for webpages they can use to look up about their injuries, so I have made a list of very useful links:


All of the links below are websites that I read on a daily basis. They are written by research leading specialists and will have the most up to date information for your injury! If you are interested in reading about your injury and would like an  in depth explanation of your injury then I would highly recommend having a flick through these websites!

Physio Digest

A great Facebook page with lots of general tips and tricks for a wide range of injuries.

A  simple website that describes the most common signs and symptoms, causes and treatment methods for your injury.


​​​ ​​ Sports Therapy for chelmsford

Mike Reinold/ Champion PT & Performance

Samuel Robinson BSc (Hons) GSR       Mobile: 07587054854       Email: sam.robinson@csic.uk

Useful Websites for injury tips and tricks