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​​​​This Service comes in a 30 minute Appointment or a 60 minute Appointment depending on what area(s) are requested for a massage.

Sports Massage and deep tissue Therapy is an effective method of releasing musculature tension, tightness and pain in athletes. However, sports massage is not just for sports people; it also helps individuals with occupational injuries such as a stiff back or neck from office work or individuals in high stress level jobs who need effective release in areas of tightness such as the neck and shoulders where tension is most commonly held.

Sports massage not only relieves tension but it can also be used in the prevention of injuries and in the preparation for sporting events.  A Massage in the lead up to a race can help to aid your warm up to stimulate the muscles are get them prepared for your event.

Sports Massage is also great post Event. It has been shown that a flush through of your muscles can improve your recovery time and reduce the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) so you can get back to training quicker post event and reduce the risk of injury from over training due to a lack of recovery.

How Does Massage Work?

Sports massage simply stimulates blood flow to specific areas of muscles and joints which in-turn increases the temperature of tissue. This brings oxygen rich blood to the areas which are injured, promoting healing of damaged tissues. There is also a flushing effect with massage where we specifically massage towards the heart. This helps with venous return and draining waste products into the blood via your lymphatic system. This type of massage is most effective 
post race/ event.

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